Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Make Extra Money Selling on Poshmark

Here is a quick intro to Poshmark for those of you new to the app. A series will follow with more tips and things to know. Looking to make some extra money a few years ago, I found the Poshmark app. I loved how easy it was to upload pictures and start selling fast. I had a closet full of items that were in great condition and needed a new home. You can cash out or use your credits to purchase from other poshers. Not bad if you want to refresh your closet too. Plus, you can make and receive offers and that's always fun!

Poshmark is all about community and thats why I believe it works so well. You share others items in their closet and they share yours. There are also theme parties which you can join in and share specific items. Poshmark is a fun place to be and I will be doing a Poshmark Tips Series on the blog as well as sharing any upcoming projects in the works. I will be hosting my first Posh Party in August and can't wait to share the details soon and invite you all to the party!  So head on over and check Poshmark out.

Here is a free $5 Credit for those that are new to the app. Just click on the link or enter code BKEWM when siging up!

 Happy Poshing!!

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