Friday, January 1, 2016

Boho Bucket List 2016

There are many times I have thought about what I what would like to do or get done throughout the year however, this is the very first year I actually sat down and put my bucket list on paper. I am very excited that I'm finally taking action and making things happen this year,

I'm excited to share 10 things I plan to cross off my bucket list this year. I know things can sometimes get in the way but I choose things that felt completely doable.

1. Plan a trip to Mexico City to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum

This is one of those things that has been on my mind for years but I always put it off and thought maybe next year. I booked my trip already for this summer to make sure it happens. I'm so excited since this was the number one thing on my bucket list!

2. Meditate Everyday

I started using meditation apps last year and I really like the way I felt after. This year I want to stick to a routine of meditating every morning even if its just five minutes. Clearing my mind and having some quite time really helps me throughout the day.

3. Hot Yoga

This is another one of those things that I put off every year for many reasons. One was the fear of the heat itself. I love saunas and steam rooms but the thought of being in a room for 90 minutes in 105 degrees was enough for me to picture myself passing out or worse vomiting during class. I realized I need to put my fear aside and give it a try. I have my first class booked this week and I'm actually very excited but of course a bit nervous.

4. Read for 20 minutes a day

My love for reading started at a very young age and I really miss it. Although I have read books here and there throughout the years, I seem to never finish a book. I set a daily alarm on my phone to read 20 minutes a day. So far it's working. Alarm goes off , I stop what I'm doing and I read. Pick a time and set your alarm!

5. Road Trip to Sequoia

I have been wanting to see the redwoods in Sequoia for a very long time. This will be a fun adventure that I finally take with my family this year. I can't wait to be there standing in Awe of those amazing trees and nature.

6. Attend A Few Concerts

I used to attend many concerts in the past but it's been way too many years since I've had that amazing experience of hearing one of my fave bands live. This year I'm going to make sure I go to at least three.

7. Get a meaningful Tattoo

I know not everyone likes tattoos but I do and have been wanting one for many years. I would like to get a small custom design on my wrist that has a special meaning. The search is on!

8. Save Money

I am horrible at saving, it's never been my thing. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to save for a rainy day. This year I plan to make it happen. Having all my money in one place is not working. First step I'm taking is opening a Savings account.

9. Creative Time

It's very sad how many of us become adults and stop being creative. I am so guilty of this. We all need a creative outlet, something that is fun, inspires us and helps us grow. Plus it's a great stress reliever. I plan to write, take some pottery, photography and painting classes this year. Just for fun!

10. Open an Online Store

I have a vision for a fun online store with unique items and can't wait to launch it later on this year. I have always had a passion for finding unique clothes, jewelry and accessories. I started selling things at an early age. Yes, I was that kid who was selling stuff from there backpack in school, ha ha. And then I went on to sell things on EBay for many years.

Then I had what I called a "mini boutique" at my local swapmeet for a few years. I currently sell items from my closet on Poshmark. Sign up with the code BKEWM and get $10 credit to shop on the site. It's a fun way to shop and sell your items online. The fun part is you get to make offers on items and if your lucky the Seller might accept.

Happy 2016! What's on your bucket list? 



  1. This is a great list! I LOVE Frida Kahlo and it would be so awesome to see the museum. Sequoia is amazing, I hope you're able to plan a trip soon! I think I'll add a few from your list onto mine as well :)

  2. I love adult coloring for my creative time! And I am totally going to steal a few of these and add them to my summer bucket list too! I really do need to make time for more reading and have wanted to try Hot Yoga for ages!

  3. Nos. 1, 5 and 8 are also on my list! I have always wanted to go to Mexico City! Love your list!



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