Friday, August 21, 2015

Beach to Bon Fire Essentials with FIGI Jeans

Summer time is all about the beach days and when you stay long enough to enjoy a bonfire you must be prepared. These essentials will take you from beach to bon fire and are a must. The star of this post is this amazing Milky Way Jean Jacket that my friends at FIGI Jeans sent me to try out and review. 

The colors are what I love the most. Out with the plain jean jacket and in with the explosion of colors. FIGI Jeans is taking something old, in loved jeans, and creating something refreshed in expressive art pieces to be worn lovingly. This is something I love and appreciate.

Although I love my oldie but goodie jean jacket, this one is so me. Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love colors and patterns. The jacket is not only lightweight and perfect year round but the material is soft and feels amazing.

These other essentials must always be thrown in the beach bag and that includes a great book to read. I am currently rereading one of my faves which is Eat Pray Love. Sunscreen is always a must. I am really loving this Spray on Trader Joe's one that is easy to use and works well. My sunglasses arrived in my Beauty Con BFF Box which are fun and just my color. 

I've had this sun hat for a very long time and it works great to prevent sunburn on my face plus its really cute. The amazing speaker which works great and will get lots of use from now on, recently arrived in my Fab Fit Fun box.  I plan to enjoy the summer days that are left and bonfires will be a big part of that. There's nothing like a great day at the beach followed by a fun bon fire to unwind and relax. 

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