Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bohemian Wedding Guest Dress Guide

Bohemian Wedding Dress Guest

Summer wedding is in full swing and I couldn't wait to round-up some of my favorite bohemian maxi dresses. These are all truly amazing and there are so many more that I will feature in the coming weeks. Especially since I'm on the hunt for some of the best ones to wear to my friend and family weddings this summer. I love maxi dresses since they can be worn after the wedding and parties are over.

Maxi dresses are easy to dress up or down and so comfortable to wear all day. I also love how flowy the dresses are which give them a really nice boho ethereal feel. I'm having a hard time deciding since the options are endless. Lucky for me I have a few weddings and events to attend this summer so I get to choose a few. I will keep you all posted on which I end up choosing to wear. Stay tuned for more roundups!

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