Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thrifty Boho ~ $10 Outfit Challenge

Thrifty Boho is the name of this new series I am starting on the blog. I am an avid thrifter and have been since childhood. I really want to start this series to show you all how fun and exciting thrifting can be. I am starting off with a $10 outfit challenge in this post but it will be a mix of challenges and finds of the week. Also, I want to feature online thrifting sites, thrift stores and flea markets. 

I never stopped thrifting but I definitely slowed down so with this series I hope to jump back into my routine, discover some great finds, save some money and share the goodness with you all. 

With the weather getting warmer here in San Diego I headed to my local thrift store in search of a summer outfit. I wanted to challenge myself so I only took $10. I figured I would find two good pieces to make an outfit.

Well I got really lucky because I was able to get three great pieces for under $10. All in great condition. All perfect for summer. With my 20% off student discount it came out to be less than $10.

Charlotte Russe  Open Vest     $2.99
Forever 21 Dress                      $4.99
Gap Summer Sandals                $2.99

This outfit was such a score because I was able to get the sandals to complete the outfit. Normally I only find two really great items for $10 but this time I got really lucky. I love summer dresses and can't wait to find more. I really wanted a vest to pair with some of my dresses so this one was a great find. Now I can just accessorize with some earrings and bracelets and I'm good to go.

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds? I would love for you all to do your own $10 outfit challenge and send me your pics! Lets have some thrifty fun around here!


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  1. Found your link through the Thrifting Diva FB group page. I love your $10 challenge and might join but I'm trying not to buy much lately. If you will allow old purchases, I'd love to join you.

    And it's a coincidence that your look is similar to my current OOTD in my blog! The vest and dress are thrifted and cost less than $10 for sure but the shoes were gifted by my MIL. Check it out and let me know :)

    - Karen


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