Monday, May 12, 2014

Swap Your Home Goods on Swapdom

So now that the living room makeover is complete I am moving on to the other rooms in the house. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Swapdom was introducing a Home Goods section. First it was fashion, then baby and kids gear. 

Starting today you can upload your home goods and start swapping away. Today is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with me and Swapdom. If there is anything I love it's decorating my home and I know I will be on this site trading away.

Swapdom is safe and easy to use. They do all the work for you and take out the hassle that sometimes arises when you are having to bargain with someone. They make swapping easy and efficient. Simply request items you love, tell Swapdom what you would like to offer in exchange. Then they will organize a multi-person swap for you. All of this is done for nothing more than the cost of shipping and a small $1-$2 fee.

Swapdom also introduced a new badge and rewarding system where you can win prizes for the swaps you make. I love the possibilty of winning something just for doing my usual swaps. You can win gift cards to places like Etsy, Amazon and Fandango. I will be swapping up for sure!

Join the Swapdom Team Tidy Challenge

The Swapdom Team Tidy Challenge is a 4-week event to introduce Swadom’s Home swapping category and encourage swappers to get excited about spring cleaning. Each week’s Team Tidy Challenge will focus on a part of the house to tackle, and of course, upload that stuff to Swapdom. One random person who uploads an item to each week’s featured category will win free shipping on their next swap. It’s a chance to organize your space, clear out the clutter, and reward yourself for work by swapping for great stuff you’ll actually use!

Week 1
Crush Living Room Clutter
Week 2
Curate Your Kitchen
Week 3
Say Bye to Bed & Bath Clutter
Week 4
Consolidate Craft Goods & Games

Doesn't this all sound like fun. What items would you swap? Send me your pics. Now go check out Swapdom and let the swapping fun begin!

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Swapdom. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and I only endorse companies and products I love!


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