Monday, May 26, 2014

Boho Business Casual

Boho Business Casual

I'm so excited because I'm starting a new job. I've been working from home for a very long time so it's nice to get back into an environment where I get to socialize with others face to face. Also, I'm excited about getting a new wardrobe. Working from home has made me somewhat lazy about dressing up everyday and I miss it. 

I don't have a big budget so I am going the thrifty route on this one. I will be hitting up my local thrift stores as well as some of my favorite online stores. I will be sharing with you all my finds and I can't wait to find some treasures.

My new work environment will be business casual so I'm happy that I will still be able to add my own personal touches to my wardrobe. I realize that some of my clothes doesn't go quite well in the work environment. I mean if I walked in with all my fringe and eclectic bohemian wear I might get sent home, ha ha. So I'm going after a wardrobe where I can be taken seriously without compromising my style.

I love this outfit and each piece is so my style. They are modern pieces and I can add my turquoise and bohemian style with accessories. I love prints and I'm sure I'll find some cute tops to wear under my blazers. This bag is amazing and I really need to find something similar. The boots I actually have in a tapestry material and they are the most comfortable boots ever. I really need to get them in this color. 

I hope you all liked this inspiration board and if you have some ideas please send them my way. What stores do you all shop at for affordable business clothing? How do you add your own personal touch to a work outfit? Wish me luck on my hunt and come back to see what I find! Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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