Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Etsy Love ~ Cash's Closet ~ Shop For A Cause

I'm so happy to introduce you today to one of my sponsors and to a very special cause. Cash's Closet is a shop on Etsy that is run by Dona and sells a variety of handmade products and the coasters that you see here which are part of the "Big Bohemian~Living Room Makeover." All the proceeds from the sales are helping raise money to help fund an autism service dog for Dona's son Cash.

I love the variety of coasters that are for sale on Cash's Closet. I really wanted some inspirational coasters for my coffee table and these are perfect. Thanks Dona for sharing your creativity with me and my readers.Who doesn't love a little inspiration sprinkled around the home. I bet we all need a bit more of that. I smile every time I see these coasters!

I love that Dona makes them to order and you can also request a custom order. I'm also really loving the coasters in her shop that have the Dr. Seuss quotes and I can't wait to purchase them as gifts for my family and friends. She has great deals and these really do make great gifts.

Cash's story hits close to home for me since I myself have a child with autism. My child also has very similar behaviors to Cash and I know how difficult some days can be for the child and family. Just getting out the door some days can be a big challenge. A service dog can make a big difference and provide some much needed assistance. 

Here is a video on this amazing boy Cash and his parents Dona and Alfonso. I teared up many times during the video as I completely understand what they are going through. Please make sure to watch this video to learn more about their journey.

For more information or to donate to this special cause please head on over to the following sites:


or to shop on Etsy visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/cashscloset

And here is some more information that I found on PawsForCash.com:
A Family's Hope

We are raising money to get a specially trained service dog for our Autistic son Cash. We face daily challenges with his communication, safety, intense meltdowns, and social challenges.

An Autism Service dog can help Cash by: 

  • Increasing communication skills
  • Decrease meltdowns and help with transistions,
  • Help with reducing bolting or hiding,
  • Interrupting patterned, stimming, or alerting to dangerous behaviors,
  • Help sleep through the night,
  • Improve social skills,
  • An much more!
  • The funds received from donations will go towards getting autism service dog for Cash. This service dog will be permanently placed with Cash and will be able to alert us immediately if Cash is in a dangerous situation, help decrease meltdowns, and assist us to live like a 'normal' family
    To Help Cash By Giving a Donation

    Every donation, big or small will help Cash and his family towards their goal of getting an Autism Service Dog. We are very appreciative of everyone's effort to help us. 

    So let's get to shopping or donating and let's help Cash bring a service dog home. A service dog will not only provide some much needed assistance but ultimately will become Cash's best friend! 


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