Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Bohemian Eclectic ~ Living Room Makeover ~ Toss Me a Pillow

Today it's all about the pillows. It wouldn't be a bohemian eclectic living room without all sorts of mismatched  pillows. For so long I kept it safe and purchased brown, beige and pretty much any neutral pillow. I'll be honest not everyone in my household loves my taste in decor and that's probably why I've always kept it safe. That's why I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and do this makeover.

All this color is making me really happy right now. This time instead of bringing out each pillow one by one as I purchased them. I decided to store them in my closet until I felt I had enough pillows to get the look I wanted. Some pillows are thrifted, some found on random shopping trips and others purchased online. This couch above has always been a struggle for me to style as it has a chaise attached and the pillows never looked right. I finally think I found a good mix that looks good and that I'm happy with. 

Some of these pillows I believe can still be found online or in stores and you can always stalk ebay if you are in love with any of the pillows above. The pillows on the ends where found at Marshalls. The striped pink and blue pillows are from Target. I got them on clearance for $5.98 each and I really debated if these would look good. I almost returned them but they grew on me. The floral pillow is embroidered and is amazingly colorful and was purchased at Cost Plus World Market. Last but not least the Wish pillow from Crate and Barrel which I found for .99 cents brand new in a thrift store, Score!! 

I'm loving how these pillows stand out on this white slip covered couch. First, lets talk about this amazing pillow which is the colorful embroidered puebla pillow from West Elm. I found this on clearance as I have most of these pillows. I almost never pay full price. I bought this online but honestly if I would have seen this in the store I would've paid full price. It is my favorite pillow ever!! The colors, the embroidery and the trips to Mexico it reminds me of. I just love it and I hope it lasts forever. I don't think I've ever taken so much care of a pillow. The Live Well pillow is from Marshalls  and the green velvet pillow is from Cost Plus World Market. 

This little beaded pillow was another amazing thrift store find at only .99 cents. This one sits in a corner on a chair that only gets used when guest come over. Beads on a pillow are usually very delicate so I don't recommend placing them where people frequently sit and be very careful with them around children. 

I hope you liked seeing how I style my wide range of toss pillows. Since the walls in my living room are white, I think these really pop and give the room a cohesive look. How do you like all the pillow combinations? Do you have a favorite pillow? Remember to have fun and play around with different textures and colors and come back and share!


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