Thursday, January 9, 2014

Big Bohemian Eclectic ~ Living Room Makeover ~ Urban Outfitters Inspiration

Eclectic Boho Home Finds

One of my favorite places to find some boho and eclectic pieces for my home is Urban Outfitters. They always have such a huge selection of unique and inexpensive pieces. Their selection is always being updated and some items sell out fast. I can't tell you how many times I've waited for a piece to go on sale only to miss out. So if you love it, get it before its gone.

I love the bohemian and eclectic look because you can pretty much mix all kinds of styles and they can look really great together. It's all in the styling. I love the Moroccan look and this mirror and coffee table are some of my faves right now on the site. How amazing would that coffee table be in the middle of any living room. The turquoise color doesn't hurt either.

Love these pillows and although I'm all pillowed out right now, these are on my wish list because I'm sure I will have to replace some soon. Everyone needs one funky pillow in their living room no matter what style you are going for. This striped pillow is just the right kind of funky. The wanderer pillow is so me. I love this saying!

The hobnail candle holders are just to cute. Can you imagine lining all of these colors up somewhere, total eye candy. You can hang them up or lay them flat somewhere, just amazing. I want them all. The bison skull is so cool and I've been seeing these everywhere. I kind of want to jump on the bandwagon and get one.

I know these items are all over the place but that's the beauty of the boho eclectic style. I do believe that creating a story with these items is important as well as streamlining. You don't want a cluttered look or else it could look like a bomb went off in your living room. If you go into any Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie stores take note on how everything is put together. They are amazing at telling a story through every inch of the store. That is how you should think of your home. It should tell a story no matter what style it is. These stores mix funky fun pieces with other subtle ones and what you get is eye candy and some peace all in one. I always feel better when I go to these stores. 

So get out there, get inspired and get your decorating on! What are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor? What are some finds that you can't live without? Remember to have fun with decor and have a beautiful day!


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